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A truly memorable experience with fun for the entire family!

I want to thank you again for finding me a Cape Buffalo like the one you did and for doing everything possible to get me a Black Wildebeast. They were both everything I had hoped for. I told Jeff that if I were going to hunt Cape Buffalo it would have to be with you, because you did a tremendous job and that I trusted you to find me a great one.

I couldn’t have done it wit out you. I greatly appreciate your hard work both this time and the last.

Thanks for everything!

Dean Meyer

Stevensville, Michigan, USA

This is a bow hunting only operation that must be seen to be believed. My wife and i hunted there on our honeymoon and we were treated like royalty.

All shots were less than 25 yards and the blinds were bow hunter friendly. He has exceptional springbok, gemsbok, black wildebeast, and monster impala, all of which are unique to his area of the country as well as numerous other plains game species.

This hunt is offered at one of the most reasonable rates in the country with quality second to none with trophy fees that run 20 to 30% less than other operations.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. Good hunting!

John Brooks


Greg Edwards runs a great safari camp along with his wife Jacqui and PH Amanda. We had a great time. I took my 2 oldest sons ages 13 and 11. They each shot 2 animals. Shots were approximately 15 yards. Great positioning of hides and waterholes. My eldest son took a ‘Duiker’ that will score in the top 5 SCI. My youngest nailed a great Springbok. Wow what a moment.

I took seven animals including Kudu, Gemsbok, Blesbok, Eland, Springbok and my favorite, Red Hartebeast. I was accompanied by 3 of my hunting buddies as well. All harvested great trophies. Wind blew very tenuous at times and a full moon affected animal movement a bit. However, the quantity of animals was very high and provided many shooting opportunities.

Most of all the hospitality was excellent, the lodge comfortable and the service spectacular. I would return in a hertbeat.

Gary Ostoyic

Ohio, USA

I just wanted to follow up with you and Greg and complement you on your safari business. Tom Fraley made a great choice when he chose you for our trip. Food, Quality of Game, Sleeping quarters, Laundry, Transportation, Ability to adjust to situations as they arise, all Excellent. Nothing bad or average about your place. All top notch.

As you know from experience, hunting with a bow can be extremely trying at times and I had a fun and very successful time (9 out of 10 animals without any repeats) as you know. Having Hank as your bow hunting PH is a definite positive to your business because he “gets it” because he is also a dedicated bow hunter that shoots longer distances. Using the scent lok with animals 15 yards away down wind makes it interesting so much so that they are “in the blinds”….

Getting my Springbok slam in one trip with a bow is pretty tough and adjusting to the weather conditions to do that show you are dedicated to getting the job done. The 39 1/2″ Sable and Roan were also great along with the Steenbok, Bontebok, and Lechwe. All of them made gun minimums by a bunch and two of them are top 10s with a bow.

I also found the visit to the local British/Boors War Monuments and visitors sections during the rains interesting. I have a different perspective than most with my eldest son (Harold IV) being very seriously wounded in IRAQ 5 years ago.

In closing, I just wanted thank you for a great experience and adventure and look foreward to hunting with you. Please feel free to forward this to prospective clients. They would greatly enjoy hunting with you.

Harold Rank


Back from my 3rd African safari. This time I had the pleasure of hunting with Greg and Jacqui Edwards. They run a top notch safari company. In 2 weeks of hunting we felt like we where family. As my wife stated about the farm. “This is a very target rich environment.” The animals where in very good shape, The staff was very prompt and trophy preparation was handled with great care and in a very professional matter. For example I harvested the zebra and within 2 hours of the shot the animal had been caped, washed, hung and salted. Greg handles all dip pack and crating of trophies right on sight.

The Sable on the property where the blackest I have ever seen. I will be going back as soon as time and money permit to bring a 40″+ sable home from Greg’s herd. The farm does not have just one or two shooters of a species but dozens if not hundreds of animals to choose from. The really great thing about the farm is 20 to 30 hunters hunt it each year. It is my new jewel in Africa.

They have 4 very well equipped suites . With tank-less hot water heaters for endless hot water. Me being a plumber I notice these things. The rooms where kept very clean by the best house keeper/assistant cook/laundry man in Africa “Maxwell”. No bugs ,no dust and a hot water bottle in bed each night to warm it up. Rooms had heaters for the cold nights, tv and internet was provided.

Jacqui cooked all the supper meals with the game we harvested. She even shot me a warthog for my favorite African dish before we arrived. We will be back. I feel like we are still there.

Member of SCI , NRA, Wisconsin Bowhunters, SCI SE Wisconsin Chapter

USA, huntsolo101 (

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