Bow & Rifle Hunting Safaris

Tailored Bow or Rifle Hunting

Magersfontein Safaris offer discerning hunters the choice of tailored bow or rifle hunting safaris.

We offer various game hunting packages and can customise a hunting safari to meet your needs, no hunt is ever to big or small for us. We also pride ourselves in that we can assist handicapped hunters in their sporting adventures.

Bow Hunting

A 10 000 acre bow hunting only concession with blinds at strategic points ensure many opportunities at trophy animals.

Salt and mineral blocks are used in combination with water to entice the animals and increase your chances. The average shooting distance is 20 yards. An archery range with shooting block is available to check your bow.

Rifle Hunting

Magersfontein Safaris has access to several concessions totalling in excess of 50 000 acres, all within a 50 mile radius of camp.

All plains game, including Eland, can be taken with 30.06, 300 or 7mm magnum calibres. Average shooting distances are 150 – 200 yards and shots are taken from shooting sticks, trees, rock or termite mounds. 60 rounds of ammunition should be sufficient and must be transported separately from your rifle.

Rifles, with the bolt removed, should be transported in shock proof rifle cases. The necessary documentation for importing your rifle will be forwarded to you on receipt of confirmed booking of your hunt. We have an equipped range to check rifles on arrival.

Taxidermy and Trophy shipment

Magersfontein Safaris has experienced skinners who will take care of the detail and quality of your trophies. Trophies are marked and salted once skinned out. Hunters have the choice of shipping their trophies to the U.S. for mounting or of having this done in South Africa. ‘Hides and Horns for Africa’, our separate trophy business, can process your raw trophies for shipping back to the U.S.

Species available to hunt at Magersfontein:

Magersfontein Safaris can also offer Big 5/Dangerous game hunts including Bowhunting of Buffalo, Lion and Leopard.

  • Black Wildebees
  • Blue Wildebees
  • Blesbok (common)
  • Blesbok (white)
  • Buffalo (cape)
  • Duiker (common)
  • Eland
  • Gemsbok
  • Giraffe
  • Impala
  • Mountain Rhebok
  • Kudu
  • Nyala
  • Ostrich
  • Hartebees
  • Red Lechwe
  • Roan
  • Sable
  • Springbok (common)
  • Springbok (copper)
  • Springbok (black)
  • Springbok (white)
  •  Steenbok
  • Warthog
  • Waterbuck
  • Zebra (Burchell’s)
  • Zebra (Hartman’s)

An Unforgettable Expierience

Most of all the hospitality was excellent, the lodge comfortable and the service spectacular. I would return in a hertbeat.
Gary Ostoyic

Ohio, USA

I want to thank you again for finding me a Cape Buffalo like the one you did and for doing everything possible to get me a Black Wildebeast.
Dean Meyer

Stevensville, Michigan, USA

Luxury Accommodation

Explore the rugged Bushveld while staying in one of our luxury and comfortable Guest rooms resounded by picturesque scenery.

Tours & Activities

The Northern Cape has a lot to offer tourists, from historic places to culture tours, the Kimberley big hole or a trip to Magersfontein Memorial Golf Course.